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Bare Faced Maths

Videos and tools for confidence through understanding.
Self-marking exercises for enjoyment through practice.

Learn confidently:

As your understanding and confidence grow, you should progress from:

  • USING the tools to WORK OUT the answer to each question
  • Starting to PREDICT the answer then using the tools to CHECK it
  • Rapidly finding that you KNOW almost all of the answers and just using or imagining the tools when needed

Most people find that by the end of one of these paperless exercises, they are already working towards that last stage!

About the tools:

Use our videos and tools to understand a Maths topic.

Most are free, the rest can be made very cheaply, and ALL are designed by very experienced Maths teachers.

Different options suit different people's brain, age or experience. Watch the video first, to decide which will suit you best RIGHT NOW. You may find a different tool suits you better next time!

Enjoy practising with understanding:

Once you understand a topic, you can start to enjoy practising it! Work through our self-marking exercises in Excel. Note: they also work in LibreOffice and MS Excel Online or apps!

Save your exercises, to review your progress! If you are a techie type, you could even get fancy and accumulate them all into a growing pdf book!

We are building a programme of single-task exercises and multi-task exercises so that you become confident at picking the right Maths tools to master any problem!

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